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15 - 80 watts (Hi-Lo switched)
all tube ultra linear.
2x12 or 1x12 speaker configurations.
Black Tolex covering.
Reverb, Drive, Tremolo.
3 button footswitch - both
facia and footswitch operation.

All amplification and cabinets are hand built, we even wind our own transformers!
Amplifiers are all valve based, hand built throughout, even to the fibre component boards, with a vintage line; and a newer concept, the Tubetek range, that feature standard valve circuits for guitars but with upgrade in design, electronics and appearance. The vintage range are normally supplied in tweed or tolex, with the tubetek range in tolex. Castors are also offered, that are removable. Thus a choice can be made between a vintage tweed Bassman that is the classic sound, or a Tubetek upgraded model that has the original sound characteristics but with reverb and tremolo if needed.

Fender brought out the Bassman using a standard circuit 'borrowed' from A T and T in the US, and the main improvement was the use of 4 10" Jensen speakers in parallel to give a fuller sound. The result was a very popular amplifier but lacking reverb. This was remedied with the launch of the all-tube reverb which is a front end addition to the bassman. (All tube reverbs are offered with tubetek Bassman amps). A special order see- through Bassman + tube reverb is also on the site.-POA.

It is difficult to add reverb in it's normal form to a standard Bassman circuit due to impedance mismatch at the take off and recovery points,but Tubetek technology solves this without degradation of the Bassman sound.

The Tubetek 80 is an advanced concept of the valve amplifier with reverb, tremolo and super drive distortion - 80 watts but not over heavy.

All amplifiers are built by hand in single units to spec and as such are themselves unique. All wiring is point-to-point.
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