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My name is John and this is my workshop.  I started in this business after the ten years of working the club scene with my wife as a guitar / keyboards / comedy act.

I found that in many cases, the equipment I wanted wasn't available so I decided to build my own guitars, guitar synths, keyboards, foot controllers etc. and hand wired a lot of our sound equipment to save a lot of time at the end of the night wrapping up cables (it made it a lot more reliabile too).

After 22 years on the club scene, we got our power down/pack up time down to around 15 minutes.......

My background is mechanical engineering with a lot of electric-electronic experience and a natural ability to work with wood and acrylic materials.

Call me with your problems, I may just have the answer for you.

(Divorce re-treads not available at this time, but I may have an alibi for you!!).

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